Eugen Rabine
Keys to voice
Facsimile of the non-edited typoscript given as a gift to Peter Ewers in January 2001 after a long editorial meeting in Stuttgart.
Many thanks to Eugen Rabine’s honorable wife Renate Rabine for giving her kind permission to print these long awaited and so insightful thoughts to the keys of voice.
Requiescat in pace
Eugen Rabine (1940 – 2018)

Keys to voice: Vocal training and vocal therapy: vocal function based upon the double valve system (Eugen Rabine: Die theoretischen Werke / Key to voice (Typoscript)) (Englisch) Taschenbuch
1. März 2019
ISBN 9783928243469
24,90 €

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Prof. Eugen Harold Rabine
10. November 1940 – 01. November 2018